How to make design training productive?

June 8, 2023

How to make design training productive?

How to make design training productive?: Designing is an art that requires a creative mind and with that, it is important to develop the right skills to become a pro in designing. With the advancement of technology, designing has also entered the phase of digitization, where a lot of designing is done using tools with precision.

Teachers need to be updated

Keep yourself updated with study design theory. Stay up to date with the latest trends. Otherwise, you will not succeed in achieving your goals. Watch online tutorials on design techniques or read some useful books.

Include videos to illustrate topics

Post a quick video to illustrate your point or idea about an ongoing class topic or assignment. This is a very effective way to understand.


The course syllabus should be designed keeping in mind the latest industry trends. It should be updated from time to time. Always train on the latest software or courses. There is no value in giving away old things. Training materials play an important role in a productive training session.

Teach through design presentations

Create some useful presentations related to design topics. Share with students and also upload to online sites ie Slideshare etc. so that others can also benefit from these presentations.

Performance model portfolio

Show students some great projects and portfolios so they can be motivated and inspired and create their best portfolios too. Use plenty of visuals, media, and interactive tools to make learning fun.

Testing and Assessment

Test often. Testing is the most effective method. You should take frequent tests so that you know whether the training has achieved its goal or not. When you test students, they will pay more attention to it and they will know where they are lacking.

Workshops on important topics

Organize special workshops, guest lectures, quizzes, competitions etc. Through these events, students develop their skills and build their base as professional designers. It is a great way for students to interact with and benefit from other experienced designers.

Interview Preparation

Provide interview guidance to students so that they can easily face interview questions and answers and also help them prepare their resumes as per industry requirements.

Fine art class

Drawing and sketching are the central points of designing so organize these sessions also so that they become aware of visual grammar like color schemes, color modes, typography, etc. These sessions help develop skills in technical drawing and thinking techniques.

Doubt session

Also, organize regular doubt sessions and revision lectures so that students can clear their doubts or miss any subject to get a chance to correct it.

Practical projects

Project-based training is also an effective and enjoyable way to train students. In project-based training, students learn to face challenges, problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-management and also learn how to work under pressure and work as a team.

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